About the Artist

I have been inspired to draw for as long as I can remember and nature is my main inspiration.  Whether it is a pen and ink drawing of a creature from the sea, colorful stylized painting of a leaf, or a colored pencil pet portrait I hope that my work shows my love for the subjects that I choose.  Equally as important I hope that the viewer will be able to see something new and inspiring in my renderings. 

I work mainly in pen & ink, colored pencil and watercolor.  My favorite type of photography is black and white and it is what lead me to pick up pen and ink first. I feel there is a kind of magic in black and white pictures. The way a subject can be seen in completely different detail when you’re not looking at colors is truly special.  It’s a more organic way of seeing something when the light and shadow, shapes and values are what bring the image to life.  I do love color however, and choose colored pencil and watercolor to work with because there are some things that just call out to be rendered more boldly. 

I must mention that I believe art is truly a gift, a gift to be shared and I want to use it to give back.   Because of my lifelong love of animals I give a percentage of the profits from my artwork to local animal charities, rescues, and no-kill shelters.  Also, for the past three years I have participated in the Twitter Art Exhibit where the sale of donated artwork supports wonderful causes. 

I hope you enjoy your visit here.  Please feel free to email questions or comments at silverfeatherart@gmail.com.



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