SilverFeather Art

Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil and More

About the Artist

Carol K. Whitley has known the “need to draw” for as long as she can remember.   As the owner of SilverFeather Art, she works mainly in pen & ink and colored pencil, but enjoys sketching and drawing completed pieces in pencil (graphite) as well.  Her work has been published in Artist’s Sketchbook Magazine and on Sakura of America’s Artist Showcase.

Primarily self-taught, she says that she has been told that she’s as much an illustrator as a fine artist and takes that as a compliment. She truly loves the meticulous process of working with pens and pencils rather than painting loosely with a brush.  “I simply put the images on paper the way that it feels right to me,” she explains, “I don’t like to label what I am.”

The mediums in which she works are often very time consuming, so sometimes it can be a must to photograph a subject for reference as she draws.  Fortunately Carol was always inspired by two of her uncles’ love for photography and she has named photography her “serious hobby”.  Some of her photos may be seen here. 

When asked who inspires her she names Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Alphonse Mucha as her favorites.

“They are all masters of color, even impressionists as well as illustrators,” She states. “Rather than going for photorealism they draw and paint with a passion for the subject. That’s why they inspire me.  Its what I want to show with my work, my love for the subjects that I choose, not how realistic they look. And hopefully I will allow the viewer to see something new in that process.”

Carol’s love for color is equally matched and preceded by her love of black and white artwork.  “I feel that you can just see a subject in completely different detail, a more organic way, when you are not looking at it’s colors, but it’s shape and values,” she says when asked by clients why she enjoys working in ink and graphite so very much. “I’ve always adored black and white photos as well,” she explains.

Her love for nature and animals often shows in her wildlife drawings and pet portraits and Carol insists that a percentage of the profits from her artwork always go to animal charities, rescues, and no-kill shelters.





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